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We’ll publish your Mobile App(s) under your own App Store Account
includes $99 - App Store Developer Account + $25 - Google Play Developer Account




One-time Mobile App & Ordering Diagnostics
Recommended if you are preparing to launch a large campaign of some sort where lots of Customers will be making purchases on your mobile app.




One-time On-Location/On-Site Mobile App & Ordering Diagnostics
Same as the above service, except we will also send a representative to one or more of your physical locations to perform tests, test purchases, etc. to ensure everything is functioning properly before your campaign launches.




Upgrade Your Mobile App Hosting
Most Apps don’t require professional grade hosting, however, depending on how many Customers are using your App daily - you may require additional hosting power (ie. resources) to ensure your App continues to run smoothly even at busy times. If you start to see a lag in the loading of images in your App or a lag in the way pages load, then it’s probably time for an upgrade. Contact us for dedicated server services.




Keep Your Mobile App Up & Running 99% Of The Time
We will treat your app similar to how famous startups treat theirs’s by making daily backings, keeping a redundant perfect copy of your App’s back-end live and ready to go on a different server (should anything ever happen) and we’ll maintain a redundant backup domain where we can house both your app backend and website admin.

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