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What is Pre-Order?

- Pre-Order is both a product and a service.

Our flagship product is the Pre-Order App Solution, which is sort of like a highly optimized mobile app template that allows our teams to quickly copy, setup, re-skin (ie. brand) and publish semi-custom mobile apps that seamlessly connect to each Client’s Square Account.

Currently, we call the service the Pre-Order Service, hence the website name being getpreorder.com, however, we really should probably call it something else. We are an official partner of Square and a lot of the original names we tried to use conflicted too much with their IP, patents and names, so they didn’t want to confuse people. As you would guess, the Pre-Order Service primarily handles the creation of semi-custom mobile apps based on the Pre-Order App Solution.

Do you make completely custom Square-based Mobile Apps?

- Yes, we do. Our custom division is currently just our main ThinΛApp team who does custom apps are a primary, core function. If you’re interested in getting a custom mobile app made for your Square-based business, then we can put you in touch with that part of our team.

Our usual recommendation is to get a free consult about your needs, requirements and idea from our custom team, then let our Pre-Order Team make your initial Square App first, so you can test and get accustomed to that one before the Custom Team starts making your App. The reason being, once you play around with a standard Pre-Order based App it just might change some of your requirements/needs for your custom app - as you may get more clarity about how you want your App done.

How much does it cost?

- Currently, we charge $299 for setup (with an option to break it into 4 $75 monthly payments) then after the first month, you’ll pay just $50 per month (if you have 3 or less locations.) If you have more than 3 locations, then each additional location will cost $15/month.

Why are additional locations more money?

- Additional locations means more customers on our mobile servers that help “power” your app. In addition, it increases the chances that something will be different in one or more of those locations, which means we’ll have to dedicate a little more support resources to be able to handle your potential inquiries and/or requests.

Are there any hidden costs?

- Nope!

Is there only 1 monthly support plan? What if I need more help?

- We actually have 3 Tiers of Support Service Plans. Please see our Pricing page for our current rates.

Do you design my app or do I design it?

- Our world class design team will design every design apsect of your new mobile app, unless you want to. We will basically work with you regardless of whether you want us to design 100% of your app or you want to design 100% or you want to simply design some of it and have our team handle the rest.

We can provide you an Assets Specification document that tells you all the exact sizes that are required, as well as gives you a .zip file with some actual sample images to help you visual each needed image asset!

How will it connect to my Square Account?

- Square has created a secure system called Account Authorization and as a partner we were required to create our own Square “App”. All you have to do is click the “Connect to Square” in your Pre-Order Website Dashboard and it will take you to the login page on Square’s website - just login like you normally do and you should see a list of permissions that our Square App is requesting. Just click Authorize/Approve and then you should see a success message with a Back link and that’s it!

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