How It Works

The 4 ‘D’s

We have mobile apps down to a literal science. And, what that means for you is tons of the latest, cutting edge technology for a price no one can beat.

Our Process:

We do a quick assessment (by phone or video chat) of your brand and any specific needs you may have. We then collect all your logos, fonts, images and any content you’d like to be used in the branding of your new Square-integrated mobile app.
We then design full-to-scale, pixel-perfect screen mockups of what your actual app will look like - every, single page. We also depict any unique functionality your app may require in our mockups, which we call UI/UX implementation or storyboarding.
Once you’ve approved your design mockups, we begin building your new app. Most of the development process is similar to an assembly line since all of the technology has already been created and perfected. It typically takes 48 hours for both apps.
Finally, we create a live testing app for you (and your team) to install on your phone(s) to see exactly how your app will work (and feel). Then once you approve, we gather some info for your App Store pages and submit your app! Approvals average 48 hrs.

Pre & Post Launch App Strategy & Consulting

Our team is also available to help make sure your app launch is successful - and to assist you with post launch marketing, as well as mobile app adoption.

*The ODM is our Online Design Manager where you can upload all the image assets and content you’d like us to use in your new mobile app. Click Get Started below to access the ODM and start uploading content for your app free. Note: Once we submit your App for approval it usually takes about 1 day for Google Play and 2 for Apple’s App Store.

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