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Ice Cream Hut

Created: 07/21/19 Status: No contract yet.*

We were contacted organically by the owner of the Ice Cream Hut about potentially making a mobile app that worked with his Square Account - and we of course were excited to say that's exactly what we do! Turns out the Ice Cream Hut had actually already had a mobile app in the past, which may explain his interest in wanting one again. These are some mockups we put together for the potential project. 

Note the custom Add Funds button on screenshot #3 that fades from the pinky purple to a light bluish color. Also note the custom "rewards" icon on screenshot #1 (at the top right). We use a life-like gold to make the ice cream part of the ice cream cones and a thick white line as the outline shape of the cones. Just several little personal touches goes a long way!

* If you make a connection for us or refer us in any way that leads to a contract with this potential client, we’ll pay you $10,000 or 20% of the contract as a Finder’s Fee.