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We’ll publish your Mobile App(s) under your own App Store Account
includes $99 - App Store Developer Account + $25 - Google Play Developer Account

$100 - $2500



Our world class Design Team will add your logos, colors & branding
includes editing, cropping, re-sizing, color->b/w, etc.




PLANS: BASIC (1/mo.) • PREMIUM (2/mo.) • PRO (3/mo.)
these come included in our monthly plans




One-time Mobile App & Ordering Diagnostics
Recommended if you are preparing to launch a large campaign of some sort where lots of Customers will be making purchases on your mobile app.




One-time On-Location/On-Site Mobile App & Ordering Diagnostics
Same as the above service, except we will also send a representative to one or more of your physical locations to perform tests, test purchases, etc. to ensure everything is functioning properly before your campaign launches.




Upgrade Your Mobile App and/or SuperSite Hosting
Most Apps (and websites) don’t require professional grade hosting, however, depending on how many Customers are using your App (or SuperSite, or both) daily - you may require additional hosting power (ie. resources) to ensure your Solution(s) continues to run smoothly - even at busy times. If you start to see a lag in the loading of images in your App or a lag in the way pages load, then it’s probably time for an upgrade. Contact us for dedicated server (or VPS) services.




Keep Your Mobile App and/or SuperSite Up & Running 99.99% Of The Time
We’ll treat your App and/or SuperSite similar to how famous startups treat theirs’s by making daily back ups, keeping a redundant, perfect copy of your SuperSite or App’s back-end live and ready to go on a different server (should anything ever happen).

Plus, we’ll also maintain a redundant backup domain where we can house any or all of your Solutions around the clock. ie. - that way if anything ever happens we can instantly redirect your main domain to your backup domain - essentially re-routing all traffic.

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