ThinΛpp - Build Teams

Want to test an unreleased app? Let’s get you on a Build Team!

Then, you need to get on our build team! Here’s how...

First and foremost, we need your Apple Email or the Apple Emails for any and all who want to be able to download the Dev Apps (ie. TestFlight Apps). It’s the email you use with iTunes and/or your iPhone. Email all Apple Emails to us at See image »

Important: For Step #3 below, when you click the “activate your account” link, it will take you to the App Store Connect login page (on your iPhone), which may not show the login fields correctly (it’s an Apple glitch). Just turn your phone sideways and then back upright and that should correct it.
Then login with the same info you use to log into iTunes or any iPhone/Apple services and you will see Terms and Conditions. You do NOT have to scroll down to accept (because that is broken too - courtesy of Apple also)...basically once you login and see the Terms you are done! Then just let us know and we’ll check the system to confirm. Then, we can assign you to the Build Team of your App! This will send you a Welcome Email (per Step #4 below) with a “View in TestFlight” button. And that’s it!

Invite Code? Joining the Build Team from a Desktop? You’ll get an email that looks like this. Then, just click on the blue “View in TestFlight” button and it will open a page that will show you your Invite Code - like this. Just enter that code in the TestFlight App then you should see your app with an Install button! That’s it!

#1. Install TestFlight App (by Apple)

(Do on your iPhone) Use the same email you use for iTunes (ie. your Apple ID) to sign up. Click here to install

1. Install Testflight

#2. Receive Email Invite

Provide us your Apple ID email, then we’ll add you to the system. If you don’t see the email, check your Spam folder.

2. Invite Email

#3. Accept Invite

Tip: Click “activate your account” - and log in to iTunesConnect & accept the terms - and that’s it.

3. Accept Invite

#4. Install Email

Look out for the Install Email, then click the button, which will open the iTunesConnect App with an Install button.

4. Install Email


Every other update after that will be available directly in the TestFlight App.

5. Get Updates

First, if you want to test our Android Apps then it’s pretty easy. We just send you an .apk file, which you can open from an email on your phone - and then download (or save) to your phone. You can then usually go to your phone’s Downloads folder and click on it and you will be immediately prompted to install it. And, that’s pretty much it.

For Apple, it’s a little trickier, but if you follow the instructions above you can be done in about 2 minutes.