January 20, 2021

What We Need From You!


We recommend pasting this info below on a Google Doc and sending/sharing the link with our Team.

First, let's get you on the Apple Build Team - that's how you can see, download and test your App before it goes live. (Note: for Google Play we actually send you an .apk file. That's how their system works.) - Learn more about getting on the Build Team here: https://getpreorder.com/buildteam

And, send us any and all Apple Emails for you and your team of individuals you want to be able to download the Dev Versions of your App (ie. before it goes live). Your Apple Email is the one in the settings part of your iPhone or iPad (at the top of the Settings page).

1. Send us any high-quality (or large) logos, images and design assets you'd like us to incorporate into the design of your app.

2. Which "Checkout Options" on the Cart/Checkout page would you like? (note: If you'd like to re-name them, just put it in the list)

  • Pickup ASAP
  • Schedule Later (includes a date/time picker)
  • Curbside/Window ASAP
  • Curbside/Window Later (includes a date/time picker)
  • Delivery

Note: Delivery is only meant for when you have your own Delivery drivers/bikers and handle it in-house.

3. Are there any Menu links you'd like us to hide or re-order? (ie. on the left slide out Menu in the App)

4. Invite Friends page - Would you like us to leave this in? And, what reward would you like to offer people for referring others?

Note: Some businesses do "Give $5. Get $5." for example. And, some do "Get 100 stars/points. Give 100 stars/points." Or you don't have to offer anything or use this feature at all!

5. Are your Categories good? Are there any you want to remove/hide?

Note: check that all the correct items are displaying IN your Categories. This pulls directly from Square, so if there needs to be a change, then if you change it in Square, you should see it change in the App instantly.

6. Loyalty + Rewards - Give us as much info on your current Rewards Setup, amounts, etc as possible. Feel free to take screenshots of your Settings, like how much each item is to redeem.

Note: We integrate with Square Loyalty + Rewards in a very basic way (for the time being) due to Square API limitations, but we are quickly adding more features to accomodate all their settings. We do have our own built-in loyalty and rewards that are based on Stars/Points earned per dollar spent - and Customers can use these like currency. ie. applying stars/points toward an order for a partial or full discount. All we do is ask you how much a star or point is worth, then our system automatically adjusts for that.

7. Please fill out your App Store Page information. We use this for both App Stores (ie. App Store & Google Play). The App Store info can be found here: https://getpreorder.com/appstore

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