April 20, 2020
New Client Checklist

This is nowhere near as bad as it looks! (last updated: 04/22/20)
LAST UPDATED: APRIL 22, 2020 AT 9:20AM | Note: Please feel free to highlight and copy/paste this entire page into a Google Doc that you can share with us, with your responses, answers, information, etc. Latest Changes: added boilerplate Privacy Policy link
Initial Setup Fee
Setup Fee of $299 (broken up into 4 monthly payments of just $75 if you choose the ViaBill option during Checkout):
Monthly Support Portal:
Note: We don't require contracts or commitments or hide any fees around percentages. What you pay is what Square charges and all orders your Customers make will go through your Square Account/Dashboard. We stand by our value, work ethic and ability to deliver value. As such, we want Clients to pay us monthly as they can and because they know and understand we are all working in this together as a community to create long-term technology solutions and a platform that'll truly benefit everybody's business.
New Information + Releases + Weekly Call
We'll create a page like this one today that'll list all the cool new features we're working on based on the feedback we're getting from all of your awesome Clients and Business Owners to help you adapt (and in some cases pivot) as quickly as possible. We also plan to do a weekly or bi-weekly Client Call (with a few time slots and recording each one so if you miss it you can listen) where we discuss strategies we've seen or know that will help you, but where you all also discuss them. A lot of our Clients are doing some brilliant things and happy to share. This will make us all stronger as a community.
We also have a lot of additional resources, like signage deals, poster design templates where we can put a QR Code (or 2) that allows you to post it outside of your location(s) and on social media so Customers can scan it (with their phone's camera and instantly download your App).


Email contact@getthinapp.com or contact@getpreorder.com  and please
cc: ken@getthinapp.com and/or ken@getpreorder.com    

  • EXECUTED AGREEMENT - RECEIVED MM/DD/YYYY (we're in the process of adding these to the Terms & Conditions of the Website, so when you checkout and pay the setup fee, you agree to these)



  1. Client Contact Info: Client Name, Email, Phone Number

  2. Fill out General Project Info (see page 3 below)

  3. Fill out Mobile App Info Part I (see page 3 below)


    • Submit (to ThinApp) your Branding Assets + Inspiration Assets & Notes via Shared Drive (recommended) Ie. logos, designs, images, preferred colors, etc.


    • Connect to Square in our Square Client Dashboard Portal. We’ll give you login info. Then you log in and click the white “Connect to Square” button to “authorize” your Square Account to “connect” to your App.

    • Get on the Apple Build Team so you can install the Test/Dev App. View Screenshots
      1) Send us your Apple ID Email (ie. the Email you use with iTunes/Apple)
      2) Install the Apple TestFlight App from the App Store on your phone
      3) Get the Apple Invite Email and click the blue “activate” link
      4) Login with your Apple IE Email and regular Apple password
      5) You should now be on the Build Team. We’ll check our system to confirm.
      6) We’ll then add you to the Build Team of your App (different from above)
      7) You’ll then get a 2nd email with your App Icon and a blue “Download” button
      8) Click Download button and it’ll open the TestFlight App with an Install button

    • Test & Approve the App using the Testing bullet Checklist below

    • Submit (to ThinApp) the Final Checklist, which is:

      1) Mobile App Info Part II  (see page 3 below)

      2) App Store Info (see page 3 below)

      3) Loyalty Settings - please tell us how your current loyalty program works or how you want your new one to work?

      4) Stripe API Keys for Apple Pay (optional) - click here for link to screenshots

      5) Should we leave the E-Wallet feature in? Anything else you’d like us to hide?


    • We’ll do a quick Call to train/walk-through Client to the Admin Dash

    • iOS Apps take an average 48 hrs to get approved; Android takes about 4-8 hrs.

Testing Checklist for Your App(s)

  • Test Single (and Multiple) Item Purchase with Credit Card, 

  • Test Single (and Multiple) Item Purchase with E-Wallet

  • Test Single (and Multiple) Item Purchase with Apple Pay

         Note: if you have options with Modifiers and/or Variations make sure you test those too.

  • Did you get the correct number of rewards stars/points/etc?

  • Did the correct amount(s) get charged and displayed in your Square Dashboard/Reports?

  • Are all your Square Categories displaying?

  • Are all your Product/Item options, add-ons and modifiers displaying?

  • Did your Apple Pay (if applicable) test purchases appear in your Stripe Account?



General Project Info

  1. What will this app be used for? Restaurant, Cafe, Retail, Business, Service, Other?

  2. What kind of Restaurant, Retail Store, Business or Service? (ie. Fast Casual, etc)

  3. Are there any apps or websites you really like the design of?

  4. Are there any logos or design elements you’d like us to incorporate into your app? ie. images, text/words, phrases or colors, backgrounds, etc.

  5. Any key Slogans you’d like us to put into the App?

Mobile App Info Part I

  1. App Name, ie. Pre-Order

  2. Tagline/Slogan, ie. Skip The Line

  3. Website (if applicable) - helps us get an idea/feel

  4. Any relevant social media handles/pages? (ie. to give us an idea/feel)

  5. Master Logo in .png format, 700px wide or more

  6. White version of Master Logo (ie. that can go against a dark background)
    :: We can usually invert a main/dark logo, but providing a white version is recommended

  7. App Icon (ie. what would you like us to use?)
    :: Any suggestions for what your App Icon should be?

Mobile App Info Part II can be provided later in the process:

  1. About page content (ie. text, phone numbers, emails, links, images, maps, etc.)

  2. Contact page content (ie. text, phone numbers, emails, links, images, maps, etc.)

  3. Pick 1 (one) 6-digit Admin PIN Code + 4 PIN Codes for Cashiers

  4. Menu Categories List (Order) - ie. what order would you like your Menu Categories in?

App Store Info (Very Important)


App Store - Pre-Order: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/loyalty-card-for-square/id1437725489

Google Play - Pre-Order: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.thinapp.SquareLoyalty&hl=en_US

Apple’s Overview of the App Store page: https://developer.apple.com/app-store/product-page/


1. App Title/Name (required 30 chars) - 

2. App Subtitle (optional, but recommended 30 chars) - 

3. Category 1 (required) - 

4. Category 2 (optional, but recommended) -



5. Promotional Text (optional, but recommended) (170 chars)

Lets you tell your App Store visitors about any current promotions & can be changed without re-submitting the App. Will appear above your description on the App Store for Users with devices running iOS 11 or later, and macOS 10.13 or later.

6. Description (Up to 4000 chars - very important. This is the meat of your App Store page.) 

7. Keywords (required, VERY important up to 100 chars total):

example: entrepreneurs,startups,tech,vc,technology,innovative,etc. (ie. no spaces)

Note: the Keywords are super important to App Store Search (ie. how people find your App in the App Store or Google Play) and can't be changed after you submit the app the first time and it's approved.

8. Support URL (required) - usually a contact page or form is sufficient for this one, ie. mysite.com/contact - 

9. Marketing URL (optional)

Note: A URL with marketing information about your app. This URL will be visible on the App Store. If your main website has the App Store and/or Google Play icons, then it could be sufficient for your “marketing” page.

10. Privacy URL (required) - you can copy this boilerplate Privacy Policy we actually put together from some of Apple's official policies: https://getpreorder.com/privacy-policy-apps

11. Copyright - example: © 2020 ACME Co, Inc. -

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