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Pre-Launch: We’re currently in a ramp up phase and will go live with the actual SSU service (ie automated installs & scheduled installs by our team) once we reach 1.5M shares reserved.

SSU is divided into 2,500,000 shares*. 900k are currently reserved, leaving 1.6M available for every new Member who signs up based on the following distribution:
• 10 shares per $1 of Annual Plans purchased
• 5 shares per $1 of 12-month Subscription Plans purchased
• 2 shares per $1 of Pay-as-you-go Plans purchased
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Choose an expedited or basic setup option to get started with your App or Hybrid/Website. Then, sign up for Pay-as-you-go (or Recurring) Monthly Support separately.
Sign up now & get $100 Cash (in 60 days) + .0001% Equity, so if we sell for $500M, you’ll receive $50k.

Basic Plan (1 month)
1 month only (Pay-as-you-go)
Amount: $7.99

After paying, securely connect your Square Account (to connect any of our Solutions, like Mobile Apps, Websites, Voice-Ordering, Inventory Tools, etc.)
Connect your Square Account
Please sign up at https://getpreorder.com/auth/register to securely connect your Square Account, which starts the Setup process. This is our Sign Up page on Square (proving we’re an official partner)


If you’d like to pay via another method such as Paypal, Venmo, Square, Cash App, Digital/Physical Invoice, etc. just choose the E-Wallet payment option above, then please contact us at pay@getpreorder.com to make payment arrangements.

Pre-Order is a software, pay-as-you-go and subscription-based service, as such, we do not offer refunds for current month periods. However, you can receive a full refund for any remaining months for Annual Support Plans. In addition, Setup Fees are non-refundable due to the nature of the manual, human work that has to be performed to set your App(s) up.
Pre-Order Apps is PCI-Compliant & uses SSL to protect your payment method(s).

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