March 17, 2020
COVID-19 Relief Promotion

Get a $600 Virtual VISA Card for $60/mo.

Hello everyone! Hope you’re staying inside and keeping your "social distance" during this challenging time amid the COVID-19 crisis. We are! We’re also a bunch of techies, so it really wasn’t that hard for us. Anyway, as a small business (owned and run by a group of blue-collar entrepreneurs who all come from modest origins) we know first hand how difficult things are right now for so many Americans, but we are resilient and we will adapt and we will get through this - together. As we try to survive like everyone else, we were also compelled to do our part. So, we think we've come up with a way we help...

Being a small business is tough even when there isn't a global, viral outbreak, so we're sort of used to thinking way outside the box. As a result, we've had to leverage just about every resource imaginable in a world where people would rather go with the famous brands vs the unproven, small business (as much as we all like to "think" we support small businesses).

Anyway, we're fortunate enough to have some pretty cool partnerships - with several multi-billion dollar companies - Square and Postmates to name a couple. Our partnerships allow us to survive as a small business by helping us offer cool services to our clients (and potential clients). One partnership in particular allows us to offer our clients no-interest, no-credit check installment/payment plans. 

It's quickly become a massive thing in retail. Ever checkout on a site and it asks you if you want to use some sort of payment plan feature to split the total purchase price up into easy installment payments? Well, there are like 4 or more multi-billion dollar juggernauts out there doing this. Some previous co-founder of Paypal founded one of the most famous ones, called Affirm. 2 of the other big ones are AfterPay and Klarna. Our partner however, is the best of them all, ViaBill.

And, they just recently rolled out a new program that's pretty ridiculous, so we wanted to tell you about it (as well as their regular, famous program) because we and all our friends have been using both:

Program Option #1) Anything you buy from us, up to $300 - you can split into 4 monthly payments. Simple. No credit check, no interest. You just have to be in the US, 18 or older and have a valid credit or debit card. It's awesome. It allows us to convince so many new clients just to try us. It's literally just $75 out of pocket, but for us it allows us to give people a taste of our technology, which helps us make them a longer time, higher paying client. You can read it in their words on their site, here:

So basically, since we specialize in SaaS (ie. Software as a Solution), we'll just sell you one of our scripts or design services (here, on our Services/Shop page), then we can send you a promotional gift card to any restaurant or store of your choice as our personal, company "thank you", which we get to write off as a marketing/business expense while still recognizing the initial revenue (ie. price you paid for whatever service/product you chose).

It's a win-win-win all around. Every time we try to get a small business loan they all want to know how much money you bring in per year - not how much profit. Just how much money. Seriously? What if we bring in $3M and pay out $2.99M in expenses? Are they still going to give us a loan for $500k? Some things in this country are so backwards, but we're all getting a taste of what's truly important, what's truly valuable, what's truly useful and what truly matters now.

Program Option #2) Our "paying" Customers get automatically considered for ViaBill's new $600 Virtual VISA program. They run all kinds of fancy fraud checks and stuff on your email, the credit card you paid us with, etc. and if they deem you a low-risk you'll be invited - and most people are (but don't worry, it doesn't require any kind of credit check). Note: Because this program is so new they don't really have that flexible of an onboarding process for it yet, so you just have to be a paying Customer of ours to get invited - it's literally just because of the way they've automated and streamlined the technology in their system and how it all works (you'll see if you try it).

So if you purchase a minimum $25 service (or product) from us, then you should find out pretty instantly if you've been invited - and if you're not invited then we'll gladly refund you the $25 (and we'll give you that in writing) - and we'll refund you instantly, don't worry it won't be like "Oh yeah, in 4 weeks we'll mail you that refund."

So, if you do get invited, you'll get an instant $600 Virtual VISA (minus the $25 you spent with us), which leaves $575 that you can use anywhere VISA's accepted (so that's where that $575 number comes from). And the best part is- they break anything you spend up into 10 easy, no-interest monthly payments. It's pretty amazing and it was helping us get more clients until the CoronaVirus decided to rear its ugly little head into the entire planet.

So to quickly re-cap - if you spend $100 from your Virtual VISA, then your actual credit card that's linked will instantly be charged $10. And you'll have $475 left to spend where ever the heck you choose. Simple. No credit check required. 

Now, here are the "catches" for option #1 vs option #2:

Option #1 requires us to wait about 4-business days for our partner company to risk assess your purchase, so to protect ourselves, we have to make you wait too. But that's it. Otherwise it's super simple.

Option #2 requires you to pay a $9.99/mo Membership Fee to our partner company and verify your identity by doing the Bank Account Verification thing powered by Plaid where you can instantly log into your bank. They don't take any money out of your bank, it's just a verification. Once you make a purchase with your Virtual VISA only then will they instantly charge you 1/10th (ie. 10%) of the purchase amount on the card that you used to pay the $9.99 Membership Fee.


There are so many fraudsters out there, not to mention people who are genuinely in tough positions that we can't afford to mess up something that helps us, so we're going to ask that you be ok with us doing this in a very tedious and official way to protect ourselves (and you) from chargebacks and chargeback fraud. We don't know who the fraudsters are, so we just have to treat everybody the same.

We're going to treat you like any client - and:

  1. Perform an actual service for you.
  2. Send you a one page contract with the terms of your purchase and that service that we will have performed for you
  3. Request that you respond with a confirmation that you received "said" service and are happy, etc.
  4. Send you a receipt for your records.

Then as long as you play ball, the rest will be quick and painless and you'll be up to $300 or up to $575 richer! For a 2-adult (or more) household, this could give you $600 to $1150 more in buying power within about 5 minutes. We know the government is talking about giving everyone $1k checks, but I wouldn't hold your breath. If it happens, it happens - great. But, until then, lets work together and get some more money flowing through the economy and hopefully you'll spend some of it at other small businesses - even if it's on some yummy food at a small, local restaurant. 

So, if you're ready to get started - head on over to our Services/Shop page:

Then, for Option #1 click on the $1M Idea App Technical Specs service for $299, add it to your cart, checkout and pay with the ViaBill option.

And, for Option #2, click on the $1M Idea Designed App Prototype service for $25, add it to your cart, checkout and pay with the ViaBill option.

Feel free to give us a call at if it's between 8AM - 7PM CST and we'll gladly walk you through the process real quick or confirm that we see your order once it's done. Otherwise, you'll receive an email from us (at the email you entered on the checkout billing form) letting you know your order was received and giving you a short, form-like bullet list of information we'd like you to provide about your "Million-dollar" idea (basically just a paragraph if that's all you want to provide, although we'd love it if you'd provide us with a name, logo, any mockups, etc). And remember - it's ok to dream a little.

1 (844) THI-NAPP (1-844-844-6277) or 312-857-3511 US/Local only - 8AM - 7PM Mon - Fri

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