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Why Do I Need Support?

Have you ever noticed how much you have to update the software on your cell phone? Well, that's because both Apple and Google are now "device" companies in addition to everything else they do. So, what that means is they are constantly trying to bring down their "production" costs by improving and changing their chipsets and hardware used in their phones (and tablets).

And, every time there's a major phone release, an OS update usually follows pretty closely behind. This starts a chain reaction that almost always creates a ripple effect that causes the underlying "App" code to change too, thereby making it possible that some of your App's features may not work the same or at all any more. As a result, we typically have to change various functions or parts of your app to ensure that it continues working smoothly - then re-submit it to the App Store(s).

As a result, we've set up a process to monitor when Apple and Google say they're going to make major changes, so we can start working on patches to modify the underlying code, so your App continues to work once the change is rolled out. This is why we highly recommend enrolling in our monthly support program, though it's not required and completely optional.

What about websites & web apps?

The same goes for websites and web apps. There are a lot of underlying technologies involved with making a website (or web app) work from Hosting Environment/Server Environment, Operating System, PHP Language, MySQL version (or database version/type), Google Products APIs (like Maps API), cookie technology, session technology, etc. As such, Pre-Order’s pricing is the same for both mobile apps and websites (or web apps).

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