Open Source Square Website

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Open Source Square Website

Open Source Square Website

by Pre-Order

The key to being able to control the quality and features of our own technology is to own and control it. With that being said, we (Pre-Order/Square Wish List) believe that the most important Wish List feature we must make next is to create the first stand-alone, open-source website for Square. ie. sort of like a "Wordpress" for Square, but easier, better and integrated with Square.

This will allow us to add any feature imaginable within a fraction of the time and budget that anyone on earth can do - even Square themselves.

And let us be clear, Square theoretically could do these features faster, but they are such a big company that there is a lot more that goes into making decisions and changes than most people realize. You have to get approvals, explore possible liabilities, analyze existing dependencies, etc.

Square has to tend with making new features work with their extremely large ecosystem, including their POS - but if we create an open-source website based on their APIs, we will have the luxury of being able to develop way faster than they can and with far less dependencies.

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I’ll pledge to chip in...

Pre-Order posted 2021-05-20 11:45:19 / 50 Comments

Hey everybody! This is finally getting made. We're almost done with it actually and it's coming along aweeeeesome! Stay tuned!