Wish List for Square

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The key to being able to control the quality and features of our own technology is to own and control it. With that being said, we (Pre-Order/Square Wish List) believe that the most important Wish ... read more »

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Voice Kiosk - Integrate Square Card Reader

We've just finished developing a revolutionary voice-enabled, totally hands-free Kiosk powered by Square - so this Wish List feature will allow us to integrate it with Square's Reader - as ... read more »

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Events Booking / Calendar / Scheduling

We know there are tons and tons of requests around events, booking, calendar scheduling, etc. so we're just going to put this one out here and see what ideas and needs everybody has. Feel free ... read more »

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Better Direct Delivery Integrations

Delivery is a big deal and there are so many players charging fees on top of fees everywhere you look that it seems like this would be an obvious one. We have lots of Clients inquiring about it all... read more »

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Ability To Back-Order Any Item

Add the ability to back-order any product or item. This should take inventory into consideration, so that the Seller can either pre-sell against an anticipated Inventory or accumulate a separate &q... read more »

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Finger Print + FaceID Login / Access

Adding Finger-print login access to both iOS and Android versions of the Pre-Order App, as well as Face ID login recognition.

... read more »

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Limit X Quantity per day of an Item

Create a way for Sellers to put a limit of the quantity of certain items that a Customer can purchase. For example, Limit 1 per day. ... read more »

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