September 24, 2019
Free Loyalty + Rewards

We actually started off as a Loyalty + Rewards company (see here), which is actually one of the reasons Square brought us on as a Partner in the first place - they saw our technology and thought we had the potential to build all sorts of other valuable "solutions" that Square Sellers could benefit from.

In our many years creating custom, unique and solution-based loyalty and rewards systems, we've analyzed and studied just about every major rewards and loyalty system out there. In addition, we've consulted for some of the top "Coupon" companies in the world - as in old school, paper coupons - yep, you read that right. That is what actually taught us the real secrets and value of Loyalty + Rewards.

Nearly Unquantifiable Marketing Value 
It's not just about "rewarding" your customers and/or instilling some sense of connection and reciprocation with your brand - it's even more clever and devious than that. It's about giving them a constant psychological reminder of your brand. Thinl about it. If done right, it's better than any form of advertising that money can buy. Heck, you could pay $2.5M for a 60 second commercial during the Super Bowl and then the Customer could/would forget all about you - BUT, a coupon - with an expiration date...for something that Customer wants, in their wallet, or purse or pocket - with the way Americans procrastinate...that's true power.

Pyschological Rewards + Loyalty-Based Marketing
You see, people store that (coupon, figuratively) in a certain part of their memory where they can keep reminding themselves of it, so they don't miss the expiration and opportunity to use it. It's better than advertising because they might subconsciously remind themselves about it 50 times a day (we all access things we store in deeper recesses of our brains periodically through every minute of the day). Now take any and all of the advertising you're currently doing or wish you had the money to do - and multiply it by 50 - That's what you'd have to pay for THAT kind of branding. Do you get it now?

Versatile Rewards + Loyalty Options
Jumping back to "rewards". We have punch-card style rewards, $ based rewards where you can set the amount of points or stars (or whatever you want to call it) per every $1 spent. We even have Milestone Rewards where Users can earn something instantly like a $25 giftcard or Balance Credit if they earn X stars/points. And, of course we have automatic Birthday Rewards, automatic Sign Up Rewards, etc.

Change Rewards Points/Stars On The Fly
You can even change our rewards on the fly. For example, let's say you wanted to do a Double Points Day - no problem. Then to add the icing on the cake - we tie it all into our GPS, Geo-fenced technology to create the most intuitive Nearby Alerts system in the world. Your system will send a Rich Push Notification to users whenever they are near any of your locations - telling them how many stars and/or rewards they have and to come in and redeem something or earn some more rewards. Plus, you can change the content of this alert every single day (if you want).

Easy To Use Rewards + Loyalty During Checkout For Customers
Finally, during Checkout - Customers can apply a reward or apply points/stars for a discount (even a full discount if they have enough points) with our awesome Loyalty Slider. We made it so easy that you can do it while holding the phone with one hand and just a thumb free (on either hand). We challenge ourselves to create the smartest, most intuitive features on the planet - because that's what you deserve and definitely what your customers deserve.

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