Hi John (ie. Client's first name)!

We're looking forward to getting started on your new App project and just wanted to give you a quick overview of what to expect.

In general, the total timeline can be as little as a day (if expedited), but it usually takes about a week, which is usually just due to the flow of information, getting a new client accustomed to the process of creating a mobile app, etc. 

Here's our Client To-Do Checklist (just to give you an idea):

To get started, we like to get a quick look at how the App pulls in your Menu or Products by making a quick live demo app. This also gives you a chance to get a quick look at things too, as well as to feel the real app with your items! 

So, can you please go ahead and log into our Square Client Portal here:


We've taken the liberty of creating you an account. So login with: 

your email: clientsemail@email.com
password: TheirPassword

Then when you login you'll see a white "Connect Your Square Account" button. Click that and log into your Square Account like normal and you'll see a Permission List that our Square Application (named "Loyalty") needs to connect your Square Account to your new Mobile App - click the little blue "Allow" button at the bottom and that will allow our system to instantly sync! We then need to do a few more setup tasks on our side. So we'll try to get you a build soon/tomorrow!

If all goes smooth, the rest will be our team working with you to quickly design your new app, set up a few important options (like payment methods and loyalty), hiding things (like back-of-house Locations, Categories and/or Products/Menu Items, etc).

Please let me know if you have any questions!


Liz (ie. Team Member's first name and company signature)

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