$5M+ in Digital IP

IP = Intellectual Property
When you’re small, but have done this for 20+ years, you pick up a few things. Not to mention, amassing a mountain of reusable code, APIs, SDKs, templates, frameworks, DesignKits, etc. (ie Digital IP)

Undeniable Technology

We build the stuff most people just talk about. And, we specifically designed the Pre-Order App Solution (ie. template) to be versatile enough to work for almost any type of business - from restaurants, to cafes, retail, services & more. And, whatever features it doesn’t have, our Customizations Department/Division can usually add for $300-$500 extra (in less than a week).

Our goal wasn’t to build the perfect E-Commerce App - so many businesses are too unique for that narrow thinking. Our goal was to build the perfect base - so that with very little budget and time any business could get their “perfect” app, built on top of a $1M+ App - and in less than a week or two.

Currently, we've integrated Square, Stripe, Paypal ApplePay, Authorize.net & E-Wallet into its checkout page making it the most versatile e-commerce, native mobile app in the world for accepting payments (and we can easily add more). Below is some of our other key technology...

Some of our key Digital IP (ie. technology)

The Future Is Apps

The CEO of both Twitter and Square, Jack Dorsey himself, makes the entire case (in this video interview below) for why Mobile Apps are so important to businesses all over America (and the world). He even mentions Pre-Order at the 1:44 minute mark! Note: This interview is from April 24, 2020.

Pre-Order App (Promo Video)

Here's a promotional video of one of our App's in action. Unfortunately this awesome client closed because of the pandemic.

Pre-Order App (with Voice Ordering)

Meet the world's first voice-activated E-Commerce Ordering App. We just added voice-recognition technology to our $1M+ Pre-Order SaaS solution and here's a peek:

Down on the App Store Down on Google Play


Voice-Recognition + Voice Ordering Update (5/17/2021)

We now have 90% of every imaginable finger/tap clicking action voice-activated and have confirmed that we can achieve 100%, which we are in the process of doing.

That means soon, we’ll be able to voice-activate almost anything imaginable - not just ordering food. Check out this video and see how we’ve even made it possible to scroll up and down using just your voice.

“Rich” Push Notifications

Other than various multi-billion dollar companies, almost no one offers these. And, we've made them as easy to send as a text. "Rich" Push Notifications are extremely powerful, built-in notifications that allow you to embed video or images, plus clickable website links. So just imagine the marketing power. Learn more »

Rich Push Notifications

And, here’s a video of a real “Rich” Push Notification in action:

“Rich” Push Notifications (with Video)

Here’s a video of a Rich Push with Video.

Pre-Order App Admin Dashboard

Here’s a quick video of just one of our Admin features. We built our own custom image cropper so clients don’t even have to think about what size they need to make their images to perfectly display in their Apps (works for both Edit Locations & Edit Categories).

We even added easy toggle switches to be able to quickly hide specific Locations, Categories, Products, Variations and even Modifiers/Options - giving our Clients complete control of how their inventory looks in their Apps & Websites.

Voice Kiosk(s) - iPad App(s)

One of our newest technologies in 2021 is our Voice Kiosk App. We haven’t even had time to fully launch and release it yet, but within about 1 minute of setup time it turns any iPad into an instant Ordering Kiosk similar to the ones you see in McDonald’s and other famous chains. It even works for businesses like Doctor’s offices, etc - anywhere a Client or Customer might need to check-in or order something really quick.

For $40+ Clients can order a hardware kiosk mount right off of Amazon that they can then mount to the floor or any flat surface, like a counter.

Voice Kiosk

Down on the App Store

VoiceCom App:

This is actually a stealth app (in plain site). It’s a live basis of our voice-recognition technology that allows anyone to test our most basic and fundamental voice commands for themselves, which can be applied to almost any business or use imaginable. Download it and test it out for yourselves. And, prepare to be blown away by how fast and responsive it is to your voice!

VoiceCom VoiceCom on the App Store

Down on the App Store

Voice KDS

This is our Kitchen Display System on a phone (though it was actually designed for iPads). We made sure it works on both. Pre-Order Apps have an entire KDS built-in that lets business owners see all their incoming orders easily and in one streamlined place. Our KDSs automatically refresh every 5 seconds (with an audible ding), as well as have built-in GPS location tracking to help see how far away Customers are. Oh and did we mention, we just made it voice-activated also?

Here's the KDS on an iPad

Backup POS - for Square

We created Backup POS for iPads due to their exceptionally fast and respsonsive screen sensitivity to touch. It takes about 1 minute to set up any existing Square Account for Backup POS and you’ll instantly have the ability to run completely off of cellular (or wifi), which means if Square or your Network ever goes down, you’ll be able to continue taking orders without interruption.

We’re currently modifying the Checkout Payment options to be more "pos"-friendly (as far as button names), so if you're in Backup Mode then they'll simply read:

Cash | Credit | E-Wallet | Gift Card | Other

Having a solution like this already created allows us to create any kind of custom solution based around taking orders pretty fast and pretty inexpensive because we already have a foundation that’s perfectly integrated with Square's APIs.

Digital Finger Signature

While this might seem like just another cool feature, there’s so much more to it. There’re a reason why stores and restaurants make you sign receipts when you pay with credit cards - and that’s because it’s one of only 2 things that are considered industry-standard to fighting fraud. So we added it for our Clients. What do you think the other feature is?!



Our founder invented the fastest digital payment technology in the world, 5Xs faster than Apple Pay and we’ve quietly included the tech in all of our Pre-Order Apps. Our E-Wallet Tech alone makes our Apps must-haves and game-changers because they reduce the dependency of a business on credit cards, thereby reducing the amount of transaction fees a business pays every day.

On average E-Wallet saves businesses about $100/location per month (ie. over $1200/yr savings). We’ve even created custom Savings Calculators that you can show business owners to help you close more app deals.

Down on the App Store

Kenect AI

We’ve also developed a one-of-a-kind AI technology that matches an infinite amount of data-points to make recommendations or suggestions to Users about a variety of things, like professional connections, romantic connections, good products, good food, specific menu items you might be interested in and more.

Kenect AI uses a combination of #hashtags + GPS location-tracking to let Users know whenever interesting people or products are nearby or even in the same room. #hashtags are important because computers process data with #hashtags vs plain text a lot faster, which actually helps reduce server-load and server-resources required when you have a lot of App Users.

Down on the App Store

Digital Books with Page Turning Animations

This is one you’ll have to see for yourself. We created real-life like page turning with digital animations that even peel back the page, making it feel just like you’re really turning pages in a real book or magazine. Download this App from a Children’s Author we worked with to test it out for yourself:

Down on the App Store

ODM V1 (Online Design Manager - for Pre-Order Apps)

We’ve been preparing Pre-Order for massive growth since the very beginning and Amazon has always been our inspiration. They automate just about every process imaginable, then use people in an assembly-line like fashion to create the most optimal and efficient operation possible. We keep a close watch of what both Apple and Google make possible as far as App Automation and use our ODM to automate as much of the process of making Apps as possible. When we’re fully staffed, it takes 3-4 employees just 45 minutes to re-brand and make a custom Pre-Order App for any business.

ODM V2 (Online Design Manager - for Pre-Order Apps)

The above version is one of the earliest versions of our custom, in-house built online manager that helped us initially streamline much of the App Development & Submission process. However, this is the new Gen2 Version and what we are about to use to suffocate and corner not just the mobile app market, but many inter-related markets, such as RestaurantTech, Small RetailTech, etc.

Media Kits

We’ve made it easy for Partners to get started by creating some really informative Media Kits for both the Pre-Order Custom App Service and the custom Design & Branding we do to make business’ apps even more custom - although if you’re a Partner that does design too, we gladly encourage you to not promote us, but to keep all the design work for yourself!

Pre-Order Sales Deck Overview World Class Branding

Wordpress SDK

Once upon a time we were a top Wordpress Development house. We even developed the world’s first Wordpress Mobile SDK (software development kit) that allows you to turn any Wordpress website into a native mobile app that automatically syncs and pulls all posts, tags, categories, images and content from your Wordpress Website.

It’s ridiculous and blazingly fast and we haven’t even had the extra time or money to push it yet. We’ll post a live App example soon.


One of our own Shops, https://preorderapps.com, is made on WooCommerce + Wordpress. We have over 15+ years of experience doing very high-level custom Wordpress and WooCommerce websites.

Custom Plugins

We also make custom Wordpress Plugins and have even created plugins for E-Wallet(s), Wordpress Blog Post SDK, Rewards, etc.

More videos coming soon....

Pre-Order + Square Inventory

Pre-Order + Square Loyalty

Pre-Order + Square Gift Cards

Our API Strategies, RESTful APIs, etc

Here’s the thing - so many businesses already use Square that it’s insane - and Square’s kicking major butt right now. They’ve added $70B+ in market value SINCE the pandemic started. So we’ve attached our cart to a damn good horse. The opportunities are endless. And we know them VERY well and have even presented in their HQ in San Francisco before.

Strength In Numbers

What we manage to make and do with our current resources is nothing short of incredible, so we are 1000% confident that with more help, more consistent cash flow and more visibility from the help of our National Partners that we would easily dominate all of the competition and help each Partner generate some really good money.

The quicker we all work together to blow the brand up, the quicker businesses will start to organically come to us in droves. And that’s when you’ll start receiving bigger partner payouts, as a result of the fact that you contributed to the larger whole of the company now - despite maybe not even getting that many clients yourself. Afterall, it’s all a numbers game - as the VCs say. So let’s US play those numbers, divide and conquer and create a cash-cow that helps us all get paid.

Use the form below to tell us which city/market you’d like to claim and control - or you can email us at partners@getpreorder.com - and yes, we are completely fine talking to potential partners via phone about working together too. In fact, once we get a big enough group of Partners, we plan on doing group Zooms and/or conference calls.

If you’re interested in joining the Partners Program, choose your desired City/Market below and tell us a few brief things about you and why you’d be a good fit!

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