December 11, 2017
ThinΛpp Jobs - Researcher


Basically what you would do is browse Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and various blogs/websites to find mostly Chicago-based people who you think might potentially need a mobile app. ThinΛpp is based in Chicago, so it's usually easier to land new clients who live here, can ask around about us, come visit and meet with us, etc. 

Most people can actually use a mobile app and don't even realize it, so almost anyone could be a potential customer, but here are a few ideas:

Businesses, Startups and Entrepreneurs, People with Unique Ideas, Consultants, Authors, Speakers, Bloggers, Jewelry Makers, Smaller Food or Beverage businesses, People who sell something, like a Product or Service, Groups or Organizations, etc. 

Basically people who seem to do something where you think they might benefit from a mobile app. We're looking for people who you can tell that they take their social media presence seriously. We do not necessarily want a lot of people who are too popular (with tens of thousands of followers either) - because then it might be hard for us to get in touch with them.

What you will do is make sure there's an email or a website (or even phone number) or any easy way for us to get in touch with them. Then you'll put it on a list so that I can have graphic designers (like you) make quick, simple mobile app mockups.

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