April 20, 2020

App Store Buttons & Banners

Ok, so if you're seeing this page then it means you probably, finally have your own Mobile App. Congrats. So the very first thing you should know is now you're about to enter a whole different phase - called the Deployment and Onboarding Phase (which is really just a form of marketing). 

We don't contractually do anything with you for this phase, but we can absolutely give you some pointers and tips (and maybe a couple of freebies) and if you need more help, you can definitely hire us to do various things to assist you with this phase. We are extremely good at it, but we understand Restaurants, Businesses and Teams usually have their own marketing covered.

So first and foremost, you or your team need to post your App Store links everywhere imaginable, so people know WHERE to download your new Mobile App. You share your Instagram handle and social media links, right? Well, Apps aren't really all that different.

These 2 things are usually super quick and easy. #1 is absolutely recommended and #2 is optional, but if you want to bolster your professionalism and appearance, #2 will definitely do it.

1) App Store Download Buttons

First and foremost, add these buttons to your website (in as many places as possible, within reason, so you ensure your Customers see them). Get your link from the App Store and Google Play and create a linked button in HTML.

You or your website person will know how to make a linked button, ie. a button image with an a href link wrapped around it, so when you click it - it goes directly to your App Store page or Google Play page - where people can download your Mobile App.

App Store: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1uETOgCI2iI3vYxcvDj7A2xSJL71rAJi9

Google Play: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1JGJhenUGDe_aGWUKVAWbtFrutD0GU5Jy

2) Smart App Banner (for the Apple App Store) - optional

Secondly, Add this "Smart App Banner" (below) to your header in between the head tags ( ie. < head > < / head > ) to display Apple's official Smart App Banner for the App Store at the top of your website (or mobile website). It's just 1 line of code! Users will see this anytime they go to your website on a mobile phone, at the top and they can click it to go to your official App Store page where they can download your App! 

< meta name="apple-itunes-app" content="app-id=myAppStoreID >

Replace the app-id of myAppStoreID with your own, which you can find on your App's App Store page:

For example, this is the Pre-Order App Store page:


And, our app-id is id1437725489

You can read more about Smart App Banners here: 


Note: You can do the same thing for Google Play, but it's a lot more complex, which is why we didn't bother to share it here. If you'd like to add the Google Play Smart Banner, please reach out to us and you can hire us to put the code and instructions together to give to your website person or we'll do it for you.

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