November 12, 2022
Order It From - BETA

Customizable Ordering Pages for Square

Introducing SuperSites for Square + fully customizable ordering pages on

Last Updated 12/04/2022 - You probably haven't heard of us before, but you're about to. We're a small tech firm in Chicago, but we're one of the most advanced technology companies in the world. We've been an official Square Partner for nearly 5 years and we're about to release about 3-4 solutions that are going to rock the tech world, blow people away, help small to medium businesses all over America and generate millions of dollars (for both our customers/clients and us - because we're a community-owned and focused company).

A quick side note just to give you an idea of what level we're on (since some people think of all 3rd party vendors as less than Square) - Apple just made us the first and only restaurant ordering platform in the world for the famous Apple CarPlay - that's currently in over 50M+ vehicles and ships in 90% of every new vehicle sold. That means that outside of Apple, we're the only company that can put a restaurant in Apple CarPlay in about an hour. There are some other unbelievable things we're about to go public with too, but that's just a taste. And, yes, we make technology for ALL businesses - not just restaurants.

So, back to this Order It From platform... we've been talking to business owners all of America (that use Square) for years and so many have been talking about wishing there was one big online "marketplace" where all the Square businesses could be listed. Without getting too deep into it, we finally built it - and named it - awesome name, right? Well, we're getting ready to combine it with another "marketplace" site we built during the height of the pandemic (here) and once we're done it'll instantly be a national Marketplace for Square businesses, services and restaurants - that's absolutely free.

So, to sum it up - what we just finished and just launched in BETA is a technology we call "SuperSites", but on a platform we call So, "SuperSites" and OrderItFrom Ordering pages are basically the same thing - SuperSites are just stand-alone.


We basically designed SuperSites so that they could either be "stand-alone" (ie. or within a larger marketplace site (ie. So, if you already have a website, then you could easily just add an "Order Now" button or "Special Orders" button to it and simply link it to your page (ie. - without the need to fiddle with domains at all.


This is the world's first, fully customizable website platform for Square.

Tons of businesses constantly kept telling us how much they wish there was this one thing they could do for certain promotions, specials, situations or customers that they can't do with their Square site... so we built a platform that allows you to do almost anything imaginable - quickly and for pretty cheap (meaning our in-house team of Square Engineers will add almost anything for you in a matter of hours - to a couple of days). We will soon also be adding a "Developer" version (via monthly subscription) where you and your team can access most of the code base to add features yourselves, but for now, we're as fast and low-cost of an option you'll ever find because we know Square's API and E-Commerce in general better than anyone and already have a massive library of APIs, SDKs and code-bases.

And, because we have such a big portfolio of existing Square API based technology, we can usually add almost any feature imaginable in a matter of a couple of hours (that's why our first version is full of so many features). 

If you already know about our original, flagship branded Pre-Order Mobile Apps (for Square) - they're super cool, but they do require a lot of manual labor to complete and get live, so our new SuperSites finally give us the means to help thousands of businesses on a level of speed and price that no one can compete with anywhere. And, best of all, 75% of the community is Community/Customer owned - so you can finally "own your tech."

If you're interested in having your own SuperSite for Square or ordering page on feel free to get in touch with us at or you can just create it here for free right now:

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