November 12, 2022

An Online Marketplace for Square Businesses & Restaurants

We know most people already have websites and aren't going to realize how incredibly awesome SuperSites are (at first) and definitely may not want to "switch" their website... so we've created another option - as an easy way to add our incredibly powerful, fully customizable e-commerce technology for Square to any existing business' current ordering channels. We basically took SuperSites and also turned them into an online marketplace called

OrderItFrom allows you to quickly create an online ordering page (ie. SuperSite) that can easily be customizable in almost any way imaginable - and all the sales and everything will still flow directly through your existing Square Account. So, it truly gives you the best of both worlds. Often times there are things (like special sales, special bookings, more customized purchasing experiences, etc) that business owners want to do that are too unique to do through your existing Square website, that's why we created fully customizable SuperSites and ordering pages via

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