75% of all revenue goes to Partners monthly
We’ve just finished some game-changing e-commerce tech and want to blow it up fast - partner with us and you’ll receive a percentage of all revenue paid to you monthly + random spot bonuses.


1) BETA Partners - 2500 Square Merchant Members split 10% equity + 10% rev share
2) Early Partners - 2,000 Members pay $5(X) & split 10%, get 2.5X + 10% rev share
3) Crowd Partners - X Members sponsor SuperSites & split equity + rev share

Long story short - we just finished a revolutionary system that can make $250,000, fully customizable SuperSites in about 15-30 seconds. Go ahead and try it real quick...

Back? Ok, so SuperSites are currently integrated with Square, who 3M+ businesses use and who we are an official Technology Partner of. But, we’re also almost done updating our system for Stripe, Paypal and also, so very soon we’ll have those as alternative payment/checkout options too.

The file size of each SuperSite is only about 25MB, which means we can host a ridiculous amount of these on any industry-standard servers. So, we’re looking to disrupt the e-commerce industry fast, which is why we’ve structured this Partners Program around Profit-Sharing vs crowd-funding.

So here’s the details:

Partners can basically “sponsor” SuperSites (to help pay for hosting, operating expenses & sales) and we’ll give you a percentage of 75% of all the revenue the company generates monthly (pre-expenses). And, that means Partners will also receive revenue from the mobile apps we specialize in too, which are seamlessly integrated with SuperSites (in case someone wants the full package).

This will allow us to offer the service free (as a base price, ie. a freemium strategy) with optional premium/paid upgrades and support - of course. Plus, we have a bunch of other new partnerships (actual contracts) that will help monetize the entire platform.

Now, because we’ve already fully automated this thing and got the file size down to 25MB that means the actual costs of hosting each SuperSite is shockingly rather low. We estimate about $.10/each - so, this is basically going to be a “volume-play” strategy.

Let’s look at some quick, basic math for just the hosting aspect (and costs) of this....
You can get a 200 GB server for about $200 per month pretty easily. That’s 200,000 MB.
200,000 MB / 25 MB = 8,000 SuperSites - or $.025/SuperSite per month
That, of course doesn’t take into account all the other typical expenses for this type of operation, which is why the estimate goes from $.025 to $.10/mo.

We estimate that the average revenue per SuperSite (per month) on the very low end will be about $1/mo. - with an average high end of $10/mo.
Compared to an average cost of $.10/mo. in operating expense that’s still a 10X minimum return with a realistic 100X potential - each month.

Partners can sponsor SuperSites for a one-time fee of $.25/each

So, to really kick this Partner Program off - you can currently sponsor SuperSites for $.25/each and you’ll receive a permanent share of 75% of all revenue the company generates as a monthly payout every month.
Note: We’re treating the sponsorships as an initial, one-time “buy-in” rather than requiring Partners to pay $.10/mo for each SuperSite ongoing - because our goal is to get traction fast with this Partners approach and be paying you each month - and simply taking our 25% commission.

Our Philosophy Is Simple

We strive to give small to medium businesses cutting-edge technology that helps them both survive + thrive - for reasonable prices.

Send us an email or text with how many SuperSites you’re interested in sponsoring to also reserve your equity.
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