March 05, 2020
Square Permissions

Connecting Your Pre-Order App To Your Square Account

The Quick Explanation

Square has created this secure, industry-standard way of connecting (ie. authorizing) any 3rd party application/tool to your Square Account. It utilizes something called OAuth, which is a way of giving approval (or "authorization) to a 3rd party back-end (not person) to "talk" to your Account. This is how we "connect" your Square Account to your new mobile app! Keep reading for a more in depth look at Square "Permissions"...

Our "Loyalty" Application Requests Various Permissions

Our Square "Application" is actually titled "Loyalty" (but we're in the process of changing it to "Pre-Order") because we originally started out as a Loyalty Solution for Square. So what happens is a 3rd party application can be set to request a variety of "access" or "permissions" from your Account.

We Won't Actually Ever Get/Have Access To Your Square Account

Once you allow our "Loyalty" Square Application to get access to these various permissions, then your App's back-end can talk to your Square Account through/via Square's API. We will never actually have any human access to your account - and we don't want it (and Square doesn't want us to have it either). It would just create an unwanted liability where if something goes wrong you may think it's our fault or something we did. 

Why So Many Permissions?

It might look like we request a lot of permissions, but that's because we have one of, if not the most, Square-integrated solution that currently exists. When you think about all the things a mobile app should do - it really is like an extension of your entire operation and in some ways needs to possibly do even more - because you're expecting a Customer to do the job of a Cashier and a Customer. Meaning, the Customer has to select the items they want, checkout, pay and submit the order to your "system" to ready it for being prepared for "fulfillment".

OAuth Is Completely Safe!

Not only is OAuth completely safe and the mandated method required by Square, but our particular utilization doesn't really require much "write" access - meaning our App doesn't really "edit" or change anything in your actual Square Account. 

Our Application Mostly "Reads" & Keeps The App In Sync With Your Menu Items, Pricing, etc.

The "permissions" we request basically allow your App to be in sync with your Square Account. It mostly allows the App to pull and display (ie. read) locations, categories, products/menu items and pricing. Our Application mostly utilizes "read" access, which means the App won’t be changing anything in your account other than inserting orders from the mobile app. In fact, it would be way more expensive, time consuming and cumbersome for us to create a mobile app (or dashboard) that had a lot of "write" (or editing) access too. 

So, Speaking of Edit, How Do I Edit?

Easy. You keep doing everything like you already normally do - right in your Square Account. Our goal was to create a solution that didn't create a lot of extra or additional work for you. Our Apps are pretty-hands off. We designed them to mostly pull and display.

Tons of Editing If You Want It

We do have an awesome Admin Dashboard that allows you (or our Support Team) to edit various things IN your mobile app. For example, we created a way for your mobile app to stay in sync with Square, yet be able to display slightly different things - like some restaurants have "back-end" only Categories (that allow their Cashiers) to select items from, but you may not want your Mobile App Customers to see that - so we've made a way to "hide" and/or change the display name of a Category. We've also done this for Locations and Menu Items (Names).

What If I Change A Category, Location, Menu Item Name or Price In Square?

If you edit a category, location, etc in Square then you would basically click a "Refresh" button in your Admin Dashboard and it’ll instantly pull the change into the App. However, you won’t have to do that for Menu Items/Products - those are updated in real-time and will reflect a pricing or name change instantly.

We really tried to give our Customers/Clients editing power where needed, but not too much because we know you're busy trying to run your business.

Update: March 2021 - this is the current way the permissions page looks like in Square now...



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