September 20, 2019
Pre-Order Key Features

Pick & Choose Your App's Features

Here's a list of our key features for the Pre-Order Mobile App Solution:
Last updated at 12:02pm CST 10/12/2019
We'd like to start by saying, we charge a flat price per month to have an app (usually between $25 and $50 per month). We don't take percentages of your orders or upcharge your menu items or any of that weird stuff that all the famous companies do. We simply want to give people the value of the technology we know is possible - for a fair price. We believe you should continue using all those other services if they bring you value - and simply funnel your Customers from them to your own platform (ie. your own branded mobile app).
The reason why Customers use those services anyway is because... 
a) Businesses usually don't have delivery and pickup technology of their own.
b) Those services used their VC dollars to market to everybody's customers. so they can essentially sell them back to you (by taking a percentage of the order/sale).
c) Customers prefer the Customer-experience of those mobile apps over your own website, etc. (or calling in)
So, in essence they own your customers. Not you. But you can. And you can start right now. #ownyourcustomers


Note: All our features are optional - you can pick and choose which ones you want to keep in your app or hide. You can also test any of these features in our live Pre-Order App in the App Store and Google Play.
  1. E-Wallet Technology (like Starbucks)

    Helps lower credit card processing costs by almost half. When your Customers use your App to pay, you don't pay any fees. You only pay when they load! And we have exclusive rates available for loads:

    1.77% + $.05 per In-Store E-Wallet Load
    2.07% + $.10 per In-App E-Wallet Load
    $.05 flat per load for VIP Monthly Member feature or Auto-Reload

    If your location does an average of $250k per year, then E-Wallet will save you an average of $5k per year or $416/mo. So, 1 month of savings using just the E-Wallet feature alone will pay for 1 year of your branded mobile app.

    Learn more about our E-Wallet Technology »
  2. Rich Push Notifications (free and easy to send).

    These are the ultimate, free marketing tool. Most of the famous services, like GrubHub, ChowNow, etc. don't really make it easy to reach your Customers. And, they typically will only have email. Our Apps allow you to send your Customers Rich Push Notifications any time you want. 

    Plus, our Rich Pushes give you the ability to add an image or a video - and clickable, trackable hyperlinks! Right from inside your app or from your Admin Dashboard on mobile/web.

    Learn more about our Rich Push Notifications »
  3. Nearby Deals (with Push Notification Alerts)
  4. Order Ahead + Pickup

    Just like it sounds, we've created an intuitive feature during the last part of the checkout process for Customers to leave their Pickup time on the default, which is "usually around 12 minutes" (and customizable to your average pickup time(s)) or to specify an exact pickup time. In addition, we're working on GPS-driven technology that'll tell your kitchen or preparers how close the Customer is (or isn't) just in case you want to delay their order, so it'll be fresh when they get there. We also are working on a feature where Customers themselves can click a simple, big button that lets your team know that something is delaying them and to actually hold off on making their order.
  5. Built-In Fulfillment KDS (Kitchen Display System)

    Our clients love this feature. We studied all the famous tablet-based services and then built our own KDS to help you know exactly what to make and when. We have Order Escalation (3 phases) and automatic Order Ready Notifications (via Push Notification or SMS Text Message). Plus, it's multi-location capable too.

    See screenshots here:
  6. Full Square Integration

    We know you're busy, so we've created our entire system around being able to create your app so easily and effortlessly, that it could be done in a matter of hours - and with very little interaction from you and your team. Best of all, almost all of the content in the app pulls directly from your existing Square Account!

    Learn more about our Full Square Integration »
  7. Free Loyalty + Rewards

    We actually started out as a a Loyalty + Rewards company that created sophisticated, custom solutions for clients. This gave us immense experience in the space and we eventually created powerful, mainstream solutions that were simple and affordable. We were able to bring pretty much all of that technology into our Square solutions. So as an added bonus - if you have one of our apps, all your Loyalty and Rewards features will be 100% free.

    Learn more about our free Loyalty + Rewards features » 
  8. Nearby Push Notification Alerts (via GPS)
  9. Push Notification Message Flags (ie. little red circle with number of missed pushes) - helps ensure Customers see your pushes.
  10. Order Ready Alerts via Push Notification for Pickups 
  11. Invite Friends Referral feature - automatically assigns a referral code (similar to the registered email) that Users can share. Our team will then assign any reward you like.



World Class Design + Branding

One of the biggest advantages to using a pre-engineered, pre-built solution (ie. a fully completed app, engineered to be copied and re-branded) is that it allows less time to be spent on Development, Q&A Testing, Bug Fixes, etc. and more time to be spent on Discovery (ie. learning your needs, challenges, etc), Design and Implementation.

Pre-Order is fully "Native" Mobile App

Ohhhh this is the fun one. Let's try to keep this quick and simple. Native means an app designed in the coding language, environment and by the guidelines of the company who designed the platform. So Apple created XCode (the platform) and Swift (the language) specifically for mobile apps meant to run on its devices (iPhones, iPads & Macs). Most development companys say they're native, but then use well known hybrid frameworks that promise to require less time and money - but never do.

Learn more about the differences between "Native", Hybrid, Web Apps, etc. 




These are in the order that they appear on the side menu.
  1. Main/Home Screen (all buttons & elements are hideable)
  2. My Account
  3. Join Loyalty Program
  4. Order Now
  5. Square Rewards
  6. Manage Cards
  7. E-Wallet
  8. VIP Membership
  9. My Orders
  10. My Preferences
  11. Locations
  12. Deals
  13. Events
  14. Pickup Orders
  15. Loyalty Reports
  16. Chat Support
  17. Beerlist
  18. Invite Friends
  19. Flip Thru
  20. Our Work
  21. News
  22. About
  23. Expertise
  24. Videos
  25. People
  26. Contact
  27. Video
  28. Loyalty Statuses
  29. Food Truck - can also be used for Pop-Up Locations, Carts, Etc.
  30. Login



The Home screen contains icons and elements that link to various pages also. In Order from top left to bottom right:
  • Menu Icon - Opens the slide out menu that contains the list of links above.
  • Star Icon - How many stars/points you've earned. When clicked opens the Rewards page that lists all the rewards a Customer can redeem.
  • Gift Icon - How many redeemable rewards a Customer already has. When clicked opens the My Rewards page.
  • Stars/Points Semi-Circle - How many stars/points you've earned. When clicked opens the Rewards page that lists all the rewards a Customer can redeem. (same as the top right Star Icon. We just give your Users 2 ways to get to the Rewards page.)
  • Me Icon - Opens the My Account page where you can edit your personal info.
  • Cards Icon - Opens the My Cards page that lists all the Credit Cards you have saved.
  • Order Now - Opens the whole ordering process, ie. Locations > Categories > Products 
  • Pay Icon - Opens the Customer's E-Wallet page
  • Edit Icon - Opens the Edit Preferences page
  • Scanner Icon - Opens the QR Code Scanner, which allows Customers to scan QR Codes you can place in your location(s) to check-in or get a rewards star/point
  • Add Funds Icon - Opens the E-Wallet page




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