August 01, 2020
World Class Branding

Restaurant + Beverage Branding & Design

Restaurant, Food & Beverage Branding OverviewNot only do we do world-class branding and design here at Pre-Order, but Pre-Order was actually founded by a group of designers. We wanted to be able to focus more on design, so we came up with an idea to streamline development in a way that allowed them to focus more attention, resources and time around clients' branding, implementation and execution. 

Like the idea of SaaS, our founders coined the term "DaaS", as in "Design as a Service". We take the most common design assets that almost every client needs, such as logos, menus, letter head, business cards, etc. and turn them into high-quality Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator Templates, so that we can spin up, brand-new, custom creations for our clients in the least amount of time possible, thereby leading to minimal cost. This streamlined approach applies to all industries, so we don't just do Restaurant & Beverage Branding, but we do design and branding for almost all industries as well.

While we do specialize in things like websites, mobile apps and print (as far as design goes), there's almost nothing we don't do. We've helped clients design signage (both physical and digital), as well as merchandise.

We routinely offer clients the exact same types of packages as industry-leading creative firms and for 1/10th of the cost - and typically 10Xs faster.

If you're interested in discussing your branding and design needs with us, please reach out at 312-857-3511 (M-Sun, during normal business hours) or email us at

If you'd like to take a look at our Restaurant & Beverage Branding Overview Package, click here:

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