Pre-Order Promotion


This is a one-time setup fee to get started with our team who’ll create your custom, branded, Square-powered Pre-Order App. We’ll customize your app with your logos, background images, etc. and publish it in the App Store and Google Play under your brand’s name. View screenshots of how to checkout with ViaBill. See Description area below for more info…

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Want your own custom Pre-Order Mobile App powered by Square (and seamlessly connected to your very own Square Account/Dashboard)? The one-time setup fee is just $59 (broken down into 4 easy monthly payments of $15 when you checkout with our Global Payment Partner ViaBill – no credit check, just need a valid credit card or debit card, be over 18 and a US Citizen) and will cover everything needed to get your app connected to your Square Account and launched in both the App Store and Google Play (under your business or brand’s name).

Pre-Order is our flagship out-of-the-box E-Commerce Mobile App Solution – it’s sort of like a copyable app template, but we engineered it to be so much more.

We’ll customize your Pre-Order App with your logos, background images, etc. and publish it in the App Store and Google Play under our parent company ThinApp’s Developer Accounts (saving you over $130+ in developer fees). Subject to restrictions.

In addition, you’ll get access to your very own Website Admin Dashboard where you’ll be able to manage several cool features we’ve added to help you customize your app – like:

  • Adding/Editing Order Cutoff Start + Stop times (for every day of the week)
  • Add/Crop background images for Menu/Product Categories & Locations (if you have multiple)
  • Loyalty + Reward Settings (ie. Square’s Loyalty or our free Stand-Alone Loyalty)
  • The ability to hide Locations, Categories and Products
  • Look Up past Order(s) Information
  • Manage/View Orders in our custom KDS (Kitchen Display System)
  • And much, much more. See images here…

Connect Your App To Square In 30 Seconds

Note: Most of your App will pull instantly and directly from your Square Dashboard, so that’s where you’ll customize most things, like adding Menu/Product Images (that display beautifully in your App). So if you don’t already have a Square Account, then sign up for a free account here (on our personal Partner’s sign up page): Sign Up for Square (US)

And, we’ll never need access to your actual Square Account. You’ll simply click a “Connect to Square” button in your Pre-Order Website Admin Dashboard, which takes you to Square’s website to login, then you’ll see an “Authorize” screen asking you for permission to connect your new app to your Square Account – this does not ever give us actual access (but allows your App to simply “talk” to your Square Account).

To learn more about the entire process of creating and launching your app, please see our How It Works page that talks all about our 4 Ds!

Timeline – 2 days to 2 weeks on average

We usually take anywhere from 2 days to 2 weeks to make your app(s), which mostly depends on how quickly you and/or your team is able to provide us with all the logos, images, background images, App Store info, etc. we need. For this special promotion, we are requiring all logos, colors and notes to be provided before we begin development of your new app.

Then we’ll create a V1.0 of your app, add you to the Apple Build Team, which will allow you to conduct a few test orders and test your new App on an iPhone or we’ll send you the Android .apk file to install on an Android phone for testing (if you have an Android). With this promo you’ll get 1 round of testing and notes, then our team will implement any applicable changes then create a V1.1 of your app, which is the version we’ll submit to the App Stores.

Monthly Support

Enroll in our optional Monthly Support Program and choose the $1 monthly promotion option to make sure your App(s) always stay active and up to date. Note: Support for this promo is limited to email-only, however our team may choose to engage with you occasionally via phone at our sole discretion. If you’d like phone support or additional support services you are certainly invited to choose an upgraded month-to-month package from our Support Portal – meaning you can upgrade and downgrade at any time. No contract required. Cancel at any time. Enroll Now »

Getting Started

All we need to get started is for you to prepare an email or shared drive with the following files and info:

  • Any logo(s) you may have. The larger and/or higher the quality and format, the better.
  • Your basic dominant color + Your primary accent color. (any additional brand colors after those 2)
  • Your website(s) and social media, so we can analyze your brand, feel, etc.
  • Your slogan, mission or special message (if applicable)
  • Any background images you’d like us to use in your new app
  • Text for About, FAQs, Contact
  • How your current loyalty program works (if you have one) or how you’d like it to work?
  • Your primary contact email and phone number (and first and last name) for our Client Files.
  • Any other important details you think we should know about your business
  • And, that’s it!

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