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Meet Pre-Order for Square

The Most Powerful POS-Integrated Mobile App In The World
ThinΛpp specializes in creating cutting-edge, custom mobile app solutions (ie. pre-built, perfectly engineered mobile app templates that can be customized to any brand). In July 2018 we officially partnered with Square to help integrate their various POS (point-of-sale) versions with our $2.5M+ in IP (ie. Intellectual Property) for Square Merchants throughout North America.

Below is our brand-new, fully-integrated Square solution, featuring Loyalty & Rewards (optional), Order Ahead (Pickups), Full Menu Integration w/ Options, Payments (via Square), Manage Cards, My Order History, Custom Order(s) Fulfillment for Mobile (for Square Merchants/Admins), Deals, SMS Text Enrollment & Verification & many other game-changing features.
Pre-Order for Square
Pre-Order is a mobile app solution (ie. “template”) that we designed to be completely brandable and re-skinnable to any business or brand’s identity, look and feel. Best of all, it’s fully integrated with Square’s POS (Point-of-Sale) System.

Custom Mobile Apps in less than a day

We can connect a new Pre-Order App to your Square Merchant Account in about an hour flat. And, it will automatically pull all your Locations, Products/Items, Product Options/Variations, Product Categories, Loyalty/Reward Items, etc.

Below are screenshots of the many features we’ve built into Pre-Order - plus, what Square’s POS screens look like when orders come through from one of our Pre-Order Apps.

Square-Integrated Mobile App - Home Screen powered by Square Loyalty Push Notification when new Rewards Stars/Points are earned Customers Can Use Rewards Stars to Claim/Buy/Redeem Various Rewards Comes With Fully-Loaded Stand-Alone Deals Feature Rewards & Deals Can Be Redeemed in Square Terminal, In-App via Admin QR Scan or via Manual Redeem Button App Pulls ALL Locations from Square Account Dashboard App Pulls ALL Product Categories from Square Account Dashboard Products/Items by Category Product Details page displays all Options/Variations Easy Quantity increase and decrease buttons Customers Can Select ASAP or a specific Pickup Time Customers Can Select A Preset Tip Amount Or Enter A Custom Amount Customers Can Pay With Their Virtual Card, ie. App Select Payment Options Screen - Option 1 Customers Can Pay With A New Card Or An Existing/Saved Card Order Successful Confirmation Screen Manage Credit Cards Screen My Orders Screen - See All Past Orders Custom Orders Fulfillment Screen(s) By Location - Similar to KDS Custom Orders Fulfillment Screen - With Statuses Custom Orders Fulfillment Screen Custom Orders Fulfillment & Fullfilled Tabs Easy To Read Reporting In-App Lists The Rewards Right From Your Square Account Several Pickup Orders Screens & Notifications Features Easily Send Rich Push Notifications Right From Your App Rich Push Notifications Can Display Video or Images


Orders from the App appear almost instantly on your Terminal screen as a popup (and printers), so you can’t miss them. The Arriving at time is based on the Pickup Time your Customer selects when they’re checking out.

New Order Screen in Square Terminal Mark As Ready in Square Terminal


Because our solutions use Square’s own APIs directly, everything that happens in the mobile app will also be instantly reflected in your Square Account’s Online Dashboard & Reporting.

Transactions Tab in Square Online Dashboard Expanded Order Details in Square Online Dashboard

Online Order Queue in Square Online Dashboard Expanded Order Details in Online Order Queue


We currently have 1 layout for our built-in, free KDS option (which works on iPads & iPhones), but we’re in the process of finishing a more industry-familiar skin/layout (like the one below).

Pre-Order KDS

Our Flagship KDS

Based on the needs of a lot of our existing clients, we created our own powerful custom fulfillment dashboard, which allows your team to see orders by location and features a variety of other helpful features to make fulfillment simple and easy. It’s available on both Android or iOS (ie. iPads) and even iPhones making it a versatile, real-time Kitchen Display System.

The Fulfillment KDS is already built right into your app. You just log in with your 6-digit PIN Code!

Expanded Order Details in Online Order Queue Expanded Order Details in Online Order Queue

Select your location on one or more devices (perfect for having one in the kitchen or near any counter) and you’ll only see orders (and get New Order Alerts) for that location. New Order Alerts automatically display on the screen (with 4 audible ding sounds), plus a Rich Push Notification (like below) is also sent to the device(s) too, which also makes a sound.

Expanded Order Details in Online Order Queue Expanded Order Details in Online Order Queue

3 Tabs organize your orders: New Orders | In Process | Fulfilled. And, it takes just one tap (of the green CLAIM button) to move an order to In Process - and a 2nd tap to set it to Fulfilled. You can even click-to call, text or email the Customer right within the very same screen.

Finally, a red X button allows you to reject any Order (if you don’t have it in stock for example). This can be used with our built-in Delivery feature to only allow Orders to be sent to your preferred Delivery Partner Company IF you approve it as “Fulfilled”.

Expanded Order Details in Online Order Queue Expanded Order Details in Online Order Queue

When an Order is set to Fulfilled, an automatic push notification is sent to the Customer’s mobile phone or tablet (even if they aren’t currently in your app) that lets them know their order is on the way! And, your Customers can track the status of their order, whether it’s a Pickup or Delivery under the My Orders page in their app!

Expanded Order Details in Online Order Queue Expanded Order Details in Online Order Queue

Ordering Kiosks for Square POS

Interested in having an Order Kiosk for your restaurant, quick-serve, fast casual, etc? We can offer you a variety of affordable, quickly deployable options. Best of all, your Kiosk(s) will be completely integrated with your existing Square Account (and Dashboard).

Your Customers will be able to start their own order, check out, apply rewards, gift cards or promo codes and pay right there at the Kiosk. In addition, they’ll be able to checkout as a guest or log in and use saved payment methods (ie. Credit Cards, Apple Pay or E-Wallets).

We have payment plans for your Kiosk Stands as well. We can give you any stand available from any 3rd party service:

View Kiosks

Download the Pre-Order App, then click the little scan icon at the bottom left to test our “check-in” and reverse scanning QR Code technology. The feature actually uses real-time GPS to make sure the Customer is actually in one of your locations too, otherwise they won’t receive stars/points.


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