Get exclusive access to new Square-powered Technology, plus a bundle of our latest tech for one low monthly price. $14.99/mo.
requires 12-month subscription or $99 one-time, annual payment

What’s in the “Bundle”?

  • Your own white-label Mobile App with Ordering, Loyalty + Voice Recognition for iOS + Android
  • Ordering Kiosk for iPad (powered by Square) for unlimited devices + Kiosk Mount
  • Voice Menu - Premium Membership - voice activate your Menu, Products or Services
  • Voice Ordering for iPhone/Pad (powered by Square) - Premium Membership
  • Custom, white-label Square Website (that can be customized)
  • Vote on which new features we add every month via
  • Premium Customer Support 24/7, 7 days/week

Who We Are
Thanks for your interest in our Partners Program. Our elevator pitch to potential Partners is simple - we want to put a group of individuals together who’ll get behind Pre-Order the same way investors get behind tech startups - and force our way to scale and profitable exit.

Our flagship product/service is Pre-Order, a fully branded “copy” of a $1M+ E-Commerce App that we created specifically for the $115B+ payments company Square - and that works for any type of business.

We designed Pre-Order to be the highest quality and the most feature-rich SaaS product in the world. It's also fully integrated with the famous payments company Square, a $115B+ tech company, thereby making it the most powerful E-Commerce Solution in the world - by far.

You can sell it, refer people or just use it to boost your own business (like if you're a graphic designer for example). Or, you can even be a passive Partner, which means you just pay your Partner Dues of $50/month and we rep your market for you and still give you 75% of the revenue. Simple.

We're basically putting a national team together to fuse a fractional part of all our resources and time in an effort to create a unified brand that gives us all a lot more opportunities and potential. It's sort of like a Virtual Co-Op.

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If you aren’re already familiar with us, we’re a small technology company based out of Chicago, IL that’s been an official Square Technology Partner company for 3+ years now. In fact, according to many at Square and based on what we’ve heard and seen, we are in fact Square’s most advanced technology partner. That’s a bold claim, we know. But, there's a reason why, which simply has to do with how things work. ie. the big companies have branding money for example, so they don't have to try as hard for your business. Their goal is to usually give you a one-size fits all solution and charge you some obscene amount of money per month.

We make ridiculous tech, but our flagship solution is Pre-Order, a $1.3M+ Mobile App we engineered to work perfectly with Square, the famous $115B+ payments company. 4M+ businesses use Square and we’re not just an an official partner, but according to them we’re also their most advanced technology partner.

When fully staffed (and thanks to our custom-built App Manager Dashboard) we can make fully re-branded Pre-Order Apps in about 30 minutes or less, which means we can drop our prices so low (due to cost) that we can literally undercut everyone.

Plus, we have other unique tech that no one has also, like Voice-activated Ordering, Voice-activated Kiosks, a Voice-activated KDS, a Custom Square Website Platform, etc. We’re looking to corner the market (and have already made Pre-Order agnostic, so it’ll even work for businesses that don’t use Square too).

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Our Philosophy Is Simple

We strive to give small to medium businesses cutting-edge technology that helps them both survive + thrive - for reasonable prices.

We’d love to chat

If you’d like to speak with someone from our team, please feel free to email us at and we’ll set up a time to chat by phone or Zoom - or please add your email below if you’re interested - no payment required at this time.

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