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What’s in the “Bundle”?

Your Own Branded Mobile App (for iOS + Android)

Your own branded Mobile App
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Ordering Kiosk with Voice-Activation (for iPads)

Your own branded Mobile App
Install on as many iPads as you like + no transaction fees.
Your own branded Mobile App

Voice-Activated Menus + Voice-Activated Ordering!

Voice-Activated Menus for Square Voice Ordering for Square

Custom Square Website + Backup POS

Voice Ordering for Square

How Does It Work?

It’s pretty simple. Create an account, connect your Square Account, then opt into whichever services you want. In addition, you can access Admin features to over-ride certain info from Square like hiding certain Square Categories or Locations in your App, Voice Menu, Kiosk, etc.

*We create apps on a first-come, first-served assembly-line, so your spot will determine your place in the queue. App Setup Dashboard

Other VIP Perks:

  • All our technology is integrated with Square Loyalty & Square Inventory
  • We keep a list of recommended Kiosk Mounts - from $50+
  • Our White-label Square Website was engineered to be customized
  • Vote on which new features we add every month via
  • VIPs get Premium Customer Support 24/7, 7-days/week

If you aren’re already familiar with us, we’re a small technology company based out of Chicago, IL that’s been an official Square Technology Partner company for 3+ years now. In fact, according to many at Square and based on what we’ve heard and seen, we are in fact Square’s most advanced technology partner. That’s a bold claim, we know. But, there's a reason why, which simply has to do with how things work. ie. the big companies have branding money for example, so they don't have to try as hard for your business. Their goal is to usually give you a one-size fits all solution and charge you some obscene amount of money per month.

We make ridiculous tech, but our flagship solution is Pre-Order, a $1.3M+ Mobile App we engineered to work perfectly with Square, the famous $115B+ payments company. 4M+ businesses use Square and we’re not just an an official partner, but according to them we’re also their most advanced technology partner.

When fully staffed (and thanks to our custom-built App Manager Dashboard) we can make fully re-branded Pre-Order Apps in about 30 minutes or less, which means we can drop our prices so low (due to cost) that we can literally undercut everyone.

Plus, we have other unique tech that no one has also, like Voice-activated Ordering, Voice-activated Kiosks, a Voice-activated KDS, a Custom Square Website Platform, etc. We’re looking to corner the market (and have already made Pre-Order agnostic, so it’ll even work for businesses that don’t use Square too).

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Our Philosophy Is Simple

We strive to give small to medium businesses cutting-edge technology that helps them both survive + thrive - for reasonable prices.

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If you’d like to speak with someone from our team, please feel free to email us at to set up a call or zoom!

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