September 17, 2020
Voice-Activated Mobile Apps for Square

White-Label, Branded Mobile Apps that work with the famous Square POS

September 17, 2020 - As a small technology company we always strive to stay as far ahead of the curve as we can in order to survive. So, without further ado - here's our next challenge in technology that we've decided to take on for our Clients and small businesses everywhere:

Voice-Activated Mobile Apps (for Square)

Voice-Activate Mobile Apps for Square

If you don't already know we who are, we're sort of like the low-key "Robin Hood" of the mobile app industry in that our #1 goal is to see what technology the "big" companies are using, then reverse-engineer it and give it to the "little" guys (and gals) for dirt cheap.

Our parent company's name is ThinApp and we've been an official Square Partner company for going on 3 years. See our official, co-branded Square Signup page on Square's actual domain here: 

What makes us unique from other software and tech companies is that we boast our very own $5M+ portfolio of cutting-edge IP (Intellectual Property) that's made up mostly of mobile app related technology like templates, SDKs (Software Development Kits), APIs, frameworks, etc. All built and engineered in-house. And, now we are quickly voice-enabling ALL of it.


So far these are the Voice-enabled Mobile Apps we've finished: 

Pre-Order for Square - the world's first voice-enabled ordering app, perfect for Restaurants, Retail, Services, etc. 

Pre-Order KDS for Square - the world's first voice-enabled KDS (Kitchen Display System) for the Square POS

Pre-Order Kiosks for Square - iPad and Android Tablets with voice-activated Ordering. Perfect for Drive-Thrus, Walk-ups, etc.

VoiceCom - a simple learning tool that allows you to change the background to all the primary colors using just voice, etc. 

VoiceBook - a real-life like digital book you can turn the pages of by simply saying "next" and "back"

Coming Soon - Wordpress + Voice App, Closed-Loop Messaging + Voice, Events + Voice, etc.


VoiceCom on the App StoreNote: We'll be posting more links, videos, etc. around the clock as we aggressively bring more voice-enabled, white-label mobile apps to the world. If you'd like to test drive some of our voice-technology with your own voice, check out our VoiceCom App in the App Store:


World Class Branding

 Pre-Order Sales Deck Overview





If you're interested in getting your own Voice-enabled Mobile App made, feel free to reach out to us at or call 1-844-844-6277 or 312-857-3511 (local). We'd love to discuss your project, idea, business or venture.

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