October 24, 2022
Web Apps & Hybrid Apps

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So what is a "Hybrid App"? A website and mobile web app - all in one. Technically, "web apps" go by many names - like Progressive Web App (PWA), Web App, HTML 5 App, Home Screen App, etc. But a lot of developers fall short of the “App” part of the experience.

The mobile web app portion (when designed and developed correctly) acts, looks and feels just like "native" App Store Apps - without all the trouble. They can also be accessed and installed on any phone, device or tablet simply by "adding" it to the Home Screen of that device, which instantly installs/adds a branded App Icon for that website (ie. web app) allowing the User to instantly access it at any time. 

There’s a lot of history and psychology there, but in general when done correctly they are widely known to have instantly increased usership, sales and operational efficiencies. They are far superior to regular websites and many argue that "good" ones actually beat out native mobile (ie. App Store) apps too. While we’re confident we already make the best native, e-commerce mobile apps in the world, we felt we could apply much of that knowledge to Web Apps to create a more instant alternative to App Store Apps - giving us and our Customers the best of both worlds.

We happen to be and have been the #1 engineering team for Web Apps on earth since about 2016 when both Apple and Google both broke popular Web App functionalities with the then-releases of their Mobile Chrome and Mobile Safari browser updates. This sent the Web App community spiraling, but our engineering team was one of the very first in the world to find work-around solutions for those setbacks - and stumbled upon some revolutionary break-throughs as well - vaulting us to the top of the industry.

We can literally do things with Web Apps that no other team on earth has been able to achieve or figure out. Just test our latest Web App solution - we call SuperSites for Square. Here's the link to the Live Demo: https://preorder.sqdash.co/

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