Wordpress Mobile App SDK + API

Custom Mobile Apps For Wordpress

We’ve created a powerful way to give Wordpress Website Owners their very own custom, mobile app that is seamlessly integrated and perfectly in sync with your Wordpress site (see screenshots). Just $199 (one-time setup) + $10/mo. for hosting & support. Contact us to order yours today - contact@getthinapp.com

The App will pull all your Wordpress Articles/Posts - and even pull your Featured Images (at the top of each post) and your Categories too. In addition, we've built in a powerful "Bookmarking" feature that allows Users/Readers to save your articles and later be able to view them "offline". So even if they have no cell (or wifi) connection, they'll still be able to read your bookmarked articles/posts. And of course the App features Push Notifications, so you can let all your readers know when you've released a new article!
ConsignLux Wordpress App
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